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Providing value to high-quality, long-term civil and government construction projects since 1996, P&M Galea Plant Hire is a known and trusted name in the industry. Offering a range of services and machinery, we can ensure that your long-term projects in Sydney, Wollongong and Newcastle, New South Wales, are fully equipped with quality machinery. By choosing to hire from us, you can keep your project costs in check, as we are experienced in working within time and budget constraints.

Experienced in the provision of non-destructive digging and location services, P&M Galea Plant Hire offer wet hire of equipment with experienced and reliable operators. Our operators are carefully screened to ensure that they embody the values that our company is built upon. All operators are qualified, skilled and have a focus on maintaining safety standards and working within legislative parameters, whether they are providing dust suppression with a water cart or carefully undertaking vacuum excavation.

Clients choose P&M Galea Plant Hire in Sydney because of our impeccably maintained equipment, including our truck mounted water carts, vacuum trucks and street sweeper for hire. We have an interest in rail projects and surface works focusing our attention on high value, long-time projects as our skill set allow us to work well on complex projects.

P&M Galea Plant Hire offers non-destructive digging using vacuum excavation, location services and environmental site management procedures such as dust suppression, provision of fresh water, clearing of pipes and drains and dewatering. Choose us when you need to hire equipment and operators that guarantee the highest quality of work. Call us today for individual attention to your project requirements. From our street sweeper for hire to vacuum truck and water cart hire, P&M Galea leads the way from Wollongong to Newcastle, New South Wales.

P&M Galea Plant Hire Vacuum Excavation

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