P&M Galea plant hire's fleet

Available for hire is a well-maintained fleet of modern equipment from P&M Galea Plant Hire in Sydney. Our whole fleet is kept up to date and serviced in accordance with manufacturer guidelines, helping to protect your site safety record. Capable of non-destructive digging, vacuum excavation and locating services, take advantage of the following equipment.

Water carts

Truck mounted and available to hire as a wet hire proposition, a water cart is useful for providing fresh water to your project site. Our water carts specialise in providing service including dust suppression, road base compaction, building site water supplies and all forms of bulk water delivery

Vacuum trucks

Vacuum excavation allows the removal of waste from around subterranean assets without the risk of damage that a traditional excavator can cause. Hydro excavation uses the pressure of water to carefully expose the required area and the vacuum truck then removes the waste from the site. Facilitating a locating service, this non-destructive digging saves time and money for your project. Vacuum trucks are also useful for clearing drains, pipes and culverts of debris after storms and construction works.

Street sweeper for hire

Facilitating an easy clean up of roadways, taking advantage of our street sweeper for hire means that your project will have a reduced impact on neighbouring properties. Cleaning detritus from the road surface before it has a chance to block drainage systems or contaminate waterways will help to maintain your site to environmental standards.

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Operated by qualified and experienced people, our fleet is offered on wet hire terms only. This ensures that our equipment remains in excellent condition, guaranteeing you the best quality finish and the highest standard of safety to your project. Call us now to discuss your requirements for plant hire from Wollongong to Newcastle, in New South Wales. 

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